Turnkey Comprehensive Projects

Techconsult implements – nationally and internationally – our customers' specific health-care-related needs, frequently having been affected by changes in the political sphere and in technology. Objectivity and convenience are of pivotal importance to us. Techconsult freely selects its cooperative partners. We guarantee independent project support and are solely oriented to the interests of our customers.

  • Our core competencies include the development, implementation, and management of large-scale projects in the medical-technical market. We work closely with leading companies in all relevant areas.
  • Our customers are looking for comprehensive solutions from a single source. Techconsult boasts the appropriate qualifications to spearhead projects ranging from feasibility studies to turnkey comprehensive projects. For our customers, this means security in planning, cost development, and meeting deadlines.

Product Development and Implementation Processes: Our Approach

Preliminary Project Phase:

  • Analysis of baseline conditions.
  • Calculation of budget scope and necessary service features.

Object-specific Planning:

  • Definition of project goals, initial construction design and planning.
  • Determination of further planning steps, calculation of time and costs related to the participating project partners.
  • Preparing paperwork for regulatory approvals by public authorities, drafting the work stages to be carried out by partner companies.

Project Controlling and Project Management:

  • Coordination of time and resource planning for both the individual steps and the overall activities.
  • Acquisition and allocation of equipment, apparatuses, and services.
  • Continual controls and the coordination of all services necessary to ensure a timely completion of all work steps.

Customer Support:

  • Assigning installation rights, support provided to the management of the respective institution.
  • Training programmes which are specially tailored to the institution are provided to service technicians as well as to medical-technical and administrative personnel.
  • Warranty services and technical customer service for all medical and technical products and systems.