"Our framework would call for policies that foster inclusion. That means education for all, especially women and girls; health care; social protection for the unemployed, the elderly, and people with disabilities; early childhood development; mother and child clinics that will teach health care and nurture"

James D. Wolfensohn, President of The World Bank Group

Projects, Products, and Services:
Complete Strategies for Project Development and Implementation

The company Techconsult GmbH is the ideal partner for project management in laboratory, medical, and environmental engineering.
Techconsult provides extensive services in the area of medical-technical project management. Due to our far-reaching experience, we possess the competencies and also – in connection with our cooperative partners – the full capacity to support and implement various different projects simultaneously.

  • Techconsult is a one-stop point of contact for project implementation. Our customers hence save time, reduce costs, and minimise potential risks.
  • Our local and international partner companies take the specific requirements and country-specific conditions into account when carrying out a project.
  • We have established a sweeping network of experts specialised in various pertinent areas, including medical and technical processes, architectural and device-specific implementations, as well as information technology.