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Techconsult GmbH provides its services to the satisfaction of our clients by complying with contract requirements and specifications. The company conducts its business with a strong focus on the needs of the client and commitment to continual improvement to achieve and maintain a reputation for quality and reliability. The principal business activities of Techconsult GmbH and equipment suppliers for the following fields: Dynamic UPS Generators, Medium voltage GIS switchgears, Low voltage switchboard, L starters component (circuit breakers, contractors, overload, induction Lamp, switches, push button…etc..), Transformers, H.V & L.V Motors for safety and hazard area, Protection for Electrical System, Automation, instrumentation, PLC , and HMI, Power Management System, Valves and Control Valves Gas turbine technical services, Sie_House, Large Capacity Transformers, SF6 CB High voltage, Capacitor bank, Generators ( 4 MVA) Comenze, Industries UPS , batteries and battery chargers, M.V cables

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